Monday, January 4, 2010

Project Proposal

I am not a Scrooge.
Or a Grinch.
Or a Bumble.

What I am is a public schoolteacher/writer with a husband, two kids, and family on both sides for whom Christmas has historically involved major year-end expense.

My 2009 Christmas trees are still standing as I write this- the plural (there are 5) being further proof of my Grinchlessness. While they are still up, I am here to publically proclaim my Christmas 2010 intent:


We are antique collectors from way back, and to that end I have always been a thrifter. I love the thrill of the chase, and the rush I get from finding an amazing bargain. The past few Christmases have landed a few of my finds under the tree to various family members, and it never fails to amaze me that those things are received with enthusiasm equal to or greater than anything I spend retail on. This year my son the loved the disco ball ("Awesome" was his descriptor) I found for $14.99, my daughter was thrilled with her 95 cents-a-skein yarn, and my sister hasn't stopped raving about the Victorian porcelain hand I sent as a counterpoint addition to her collection.

I got it at a church yard sale for a dollar and a half.

So the plan is this: At least half of what I give to EVERYONE on my list will originate at second-hand stores or yard sales. I will post my purchases (with pictures if I can figure that part out) on this site on at least a weekly basis. All shopping will be completed, wrapped and mailed by December 1, 2010, and I will be recycling-- "greener" than ever while not feeling the stress of last-minute shopping or the Christmas Wallet Crunch.

Anybody want to join me?
Happy hunting!


  1. That great! I gave my 6yo daughter a Barbie airplane I found at a church yard sale for a couple of dollars and she LOVED it as much as the brand-new toys and I think she has played with it more.

  2. That's what I'm talking about, Cynthia! It's amazing the things people throw out- for whatever reason. Kids too old for it, no room in the cupboards, whatever. I'm pumped!

    I've been doing it to some degree for several years now- little thing here, little thing there...

    But now is the time to pull out the stops. It's financially sound, environmentally sound-- AND FUN!

  3. Count me in! Did you know (remember) that I am blogstalker? What I am saying is, "Margy, I can't wait to stalk you."

  4. There are three to read here alone, Andrea- moldering away, perhaps from neglect, but between these and my old MySpace one, I should keep you pretty busy!